Solar Class

Solar PV: Technology and Valuation


What’s the first question RE Pros should ask about a solar system?

What’s the most vital number to know pertaining to valuation of solar PV?

If your answer isn’t top of mind, you and your clients will benefit from this class!


Attendees will gain expertise to better serve their clients with solar-powered homes and expand their professional credibility. Increase comprehension of solar technology and market influencers including utility rates and CA policy. Know vital questions to answer and documentation to obtain to accurately inform listings and competently complete appraisals.


Course Description

Appraisers and Realtors are increasingly challenged with the call to advance their credibility and competency on this topic as homeowners continue to invest in solar.

Newly constructed homes are required to have solar as of 2020!  How much value does solar add?

Saving money is the primary motive for homeowners to invest in solar. Today we're seeing even stronger market drivers from changes in CA energy policy and building codes as they shift to an emphasis on all-electric buildings powered by solar. These, along with power losses from power safety shut-offs and fires is fueling the momentum of solar sales. Real Estate Pros who like to stay up-to date as a trusted, informed guide, appreciate this class!

Real Estate Pros will develop expertise to serve their clients with solar-powered homes.

Topics covered:

  • The first question to ask about solar systems
  • The most important question to answer related to valuation of a solar system
  • How to determine value of solar PV: 3 appraisal approaches
  • Key essential points to include in listings and reports
  • How utility rates impact purchasing decisions
  • Components of solar systems and what to look for during inspections
  • Context of CA solar policy; primer on energy efficiency with illustrated examples
  • Electric vehicles: charging at home and capacity to power homes
  • Storage: paired with solar for resilience in extreme events and power shortages
  • Market trends and potential future influences including the evolving challenges in managing our power grid
  • Access to free online tools to inform and improve professionalism


Attendees will be better equipped to represent solar assets accurately in sales, competently complete valuations and be credible guides for buyers and sellers. This is not an introductory class but will impart a level of expertise to fulfill client’s needs proficiently from day one.


  1. Technology
  2. Valuation


Learning Objectives

  • Answer essential questions regarding the valuation of a solar system
  • Identify components of solar systems and know what to look for during inspections
  • Be aware of variations in utility rates and their impact on value
  • Understand motives and market influencers of homeowner decisions
  • Determine the value of solar PV systems: 3 appraisal approaches
  • Accurately represent solar in listings including vital points to inform value
  • Comprehend basics of battery storage, microgrids and electric vehicles and their potential for grid balancing and resiliency
  • Know how unique stakeholders contribute to the shared pool of knowledge to support fair valuations



Real estate appraisers, Realtors, lenders, and related associates. Course is designed for those familiar with valuation principles.

3 hours continuing ed. BREA, DRE



Debra Little is a Home Performance and Valuation Specialist with field experience in both appraising and home performance. Debra has a background in appraising though has been primarily focused on energy efficiency since building her own high performance home in 2007. She's been developing and instructing classes for real estate appraisers and agents on the topics of energy efficiency and solar-powered homes for CA public utilities and at national conferences since 2010.



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November 2

9am - 12

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