It's the STORY behind the data that gives it meaning.

Add a VISUAL STORY to your data!


Create a photo gallery in your AjO Reports

By just adding 6 photos,
3 PRE and 3 POST,
you’ll better inform
and engage your

In AjO​, add photos and create gallery pages           on the WSR DETAILS page.

instructional graphic

House examples


As images can instantly convey
more than a thousand words,
moving images are even more
content rich.

AjO encourages its community
to create videos to tell their
visual stories.

See Videos


In home performance there is no test-drive but videos are the next best thing!

As prospective client’s watch, they imagine their own homes with similar upgrades. Dreams are ignited and they start taking ownership of their own story development.

Videos are an effective tool to convey complex topics like energy upgrades. They can
connect with clients emotionally, while illustrating the what, how and why.


AjO supports home performance
expert’s use of video to grow their

Of a variety of types of Videos
with specific business goals,
AjO focuses on:

1. Home energy upgrade stories
2. Testimonials

Couple Looking at Tablet

3 Paths to Your Video Production

1. DIY A to Z. Plan, shoot and edit your own short videos
You may already have experience or a keen interest to learn. These videos can be short and simple. Editing is only getting easier with many new programs.

2. Shoot your video and outsource the editing
This option will make sense for many. You probably already take photos during the job’s progress so shooting video here & there doesn’t require changing your routine much.

3. Hire a local crew to shoot and edit

> Load your video to AjO to link to your report    

When your video is ready to view contact us at VP@AjOhp.org


You already have almost all you need in your pocket!
Your smartphone is often a fine enough video camera. With a few basic tips you’ll be rolling!

  • Audio is even more important than visuals for most videos. Read on for more about audio.
  • Lighting is necessary for quality video. Spend time learning about lighting.
  • Storyline: Even short videos benefit by a compelling plot. See AjO’s STORY page.
wistia logo has terrific DIY instruction and tips videos!
Start with these 3 then go to their site for more @ wistia logo
Phone Camera

Apps to improve video camerawork

I’ve had excellent experience using
FiLMiC Pro with iPhone and iPad.

Key Features: focus adjust and lock,
control of exposure, frame rates, aspect ratios and has an audio monitor.


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