AjO's Mission 

AjO integrates behavior and brain science to drive demand for building science.


To increase market uptake of home energy upgrades. To reduce the waste of energy in the residential sector while improving the health, comfort, quality and experience of living in our homes.


How do we resonate effectively with homeowners, our decision makers?

AJO logo’s whole-human approach is designed to connect with both the rational and emotional realms.

Behavior Science

Influence: Two groups that have direct connection and potential for influencing homeowners are contractors and real estate professionals. AjO equips these with tools to elevate their effectiveness in communicating the benefits of energy upgrades.

AjO leverages peer influence, the most powerful form of persuasion in its searchable collection of stories. Consumers can search for stories of homes like theirs. In these they will see homes similar to their own in location, age and architectural type, often in their own towns or neighborhoods, owned by folks like them. They can find examples of energy upgraded homes with similar goals, problems and solutions.

Motivation: Pains and gains drive people to take action. But first they need heightened awareness and clarification of these and their solutions. Then, they make their decisions in primal, emotionally weighted ways. Next, when their rationale kicks in (which may be milliseconds or days), they look for trusted, concrete guidance.

As they step into action, expert and social affirmation fuel their diligence, raising their emotional experience and sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Brain Science

Our brains are wired for stories! But not so much for data. We learn best through stories as our brains make sense of scenarios, sequences and outcomes when presented in a relatable story. Stories actually stimulate chemical changes in our brains such as the production of dopamine which puts us in a cooperative mood. Stories invite participation, inform, demonstrate and rouse curiosity and imagination helping listeners to see for themselves. To imagine what energy upgrades might look like in their own homes.

The most ancient tool of influence in human history is the telling of a compelling story.

Visual thinking. Of the 3 commonly referenced categories of prime learning styles, visual, auditory and kinesthetic, the majority of humans are visual learners. But everyone’s comprehension is boosted with visuals.

Here’s an interesting statistic on visual thinking that sparked my inspiration for AjO. It’s reported that only 10% of humans are born with a strong natural aptitude for visualizing physical, spatial changes. To imagine a room with a wall moved or even painted a different color. Some develop the skill with experience, such as architects, builders and fashion designers. Realtors often invest big bucks to have a house staged when listed for sale to assist shoppers in their visualization of the house as furnished, warm and happy.

For our homeowner clients to effortlessly connect-the-dots around what energy upgrades might look like and their beneficial impacts to their homes, we can assist their comprehension with visual stories.

Building Science

Our homes have a purpose, a job to do. To provide healthy, safe shelter for humans. Comfort and aesthetics are vital to our experience too. Building science guides our best practices in design, install and operations to achieve high performance in homes.

AjO is Latin: to affirm

AjO affirms home performance contractor’s good work and the value of a hard-earned asset, their data. Data in measured results, in successful implementation and innovation in the practice of home performance. Also, data in not so successful applications. Home performance data of infinite types and levels is useful, essential, to home performance experts, other builders, our clients and many others who can help drive demand.

In parallel, AjO affirms the increased market value of high performance homes.