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High Performance homes may deliver value in enery savings plus beyond-energy benefits such as quality, durability, comfort, and aesthetics that should be recognized in appraisals.

Homeowners and builders deserve the certainty that their investments will pay off. Appraisers need to comprehend the differentiating performance assets and their benefits.

Communication and Documentation begins with us - Homeowners and builders; those who understand the scope of work.

AjO Pool of Knowlege

Everyone contributes to the pool of knowledge!

Engage in the Appraisal Process -

  1. Plan ample time for completion. Appraisers need to expend extra effort in research and analysis for special properties.
  2. When ordering an appraisal notify the lender that this is a special property type that will require an appraiser who is competent in high performance homes. Deliver a letter to assert this request. See an example template below.
  3. In your first conversation with the appraiser, describe the efficiency features and ask about their experience with similar homes. You’re not obligated to accept the first appraiser assigned. Check their familiarity with performance principles and the consideration of operational savings in the income approach.  Assure that you’ll be engaged and supportive with documentation.
  4. During the inspection or prior to, provide the appraiser with relevant documentation.  Be present as a guide; clarify the performance assets and their various benefits including energy savings, durability, health, comfort, etc. They’ll want to understand your motivations and personal experience in living there (if built).  Engage enough to be confident in their level of comprehension as they go forward in their market research and analysis.
  5. Review the completed appraisal. By hiring a qualified appraiser and leading with clear communication you’ve taken reasonable steps to support a fair-valued outcome.In the unfortunate instance that you perceive a lack of professional effort you have the option to contest the appraisal. This is not the same as disagreeing with the value conclusion; there should be a valid concern regarding their competency or work ethic.

The Appraiser Competency Rule

is a consumer protection -

Request an appraiser who is competent in high performance homes!

Competency is a professional standard, defined as having adequate “training and experience” for specific property types;  i.e. energy efficient, oceanfront, horse properties…

Appraisers with training but lacking experience can opt to consult with an experienced (competent) appraiser to complete an assignment; a potential solution in cases of scarcity of appraisers qualified in valuation of specific types.


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